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For years, has brought you the highest quality slingbow and bowfishing rigs, arrows, accessories and more. Hunting with a Slingshot has become our mantra. It's what we try to share with the world. Even though Chief is no longer with us, his products are still innovating the hunting and fishing industry

Hunting With A Slingshot

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How can I send my photos for your website?


Chief AJ & Tony want your photos of what U have done with your Elite Sling Bow. Send to 434 572 7609 or e-mail  to


Tristen Martin Bowfishing
Tristen Martin with a GREAT #bowfishing CATCH! #SlingBowPower


Sandy has shot, Red Stag, Turkeys and used the Elite Sling Bow for Frogs

Cory Rosche with his 21.4 pound, 52.5” long Gar  8 ounces shy of the Va state record


Lane Johnson, scores small game with Elite Sling bow

First Elite Ground Hog by Lewis Reaves.













6/29/17 Tony Sling Bow shooting for new Magazine Story in "Carolina Sportsman Magazine"

New Shooter: Cory


Cory with 21 Frogs shot with Chief AJ Elite Sling bow

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We've shipped all over the world, to roughly 40 countries. Chances are, we ship to you.

Can this be used to hunt bigger game?


Hunting With A Slingshot


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