July 8, 2014, Federal Slingshot Court case No. 2:14-cv-02117-HAB-DGB Chief AJ v IDNR is heating up with public interest: Here's a pod cast of Radio interview AJ gave today 7/8 to Greg Bishop:

Here's a Front Page Newspaper Story about This Federal slingshot case:
A Federal Case has been make out of this Handful of Power, Here's WHY!


Chief AJ has been giving press interviews about the development of the HFX sling bow. Here's one with Videographer Hugh Sullivan:

 This Federal Case has the potential of making the HFX legal for Big Game hunting in all 50 States. Upcoming Press stories about this Federal Case will be posted here as they come out.  More info click here: SLING BOW POWER      Also: WHO IS CHIEF AJ



The "CHIEF AJ Championship Way!" NEW Chief AJ e-mail:  , Landline (217) 253-2959 cell 907 903 7966  Snail Mail: Chief AJ, POB 131, Tuscola, IL 61953-0131 For Spanish Caza y Pesca catapult

Cheif AJ as of 6/16 now can take as well as Visa, MC & Disc. & PayPal

Here's the new HFX 3.0 the Chief hit all 30 targets with is less time that a machine gun to come out the WINNER

6/30/2014   HFX 3.0  STAINLESS STEEL FRAME HFX 3.0

Now proven 25% more power! Yes, Chief AJ does not stand still, He has increases the power of the HFX by 25%

The Chief put the HFX 3.0 in the hands of the two New Supermen of Slingshot Shooting, Tony Reaves & Robert Flood. At once Tony noticed more penetration and Robert Flood commented he could even feel more power in His hand.

 Also Chief AJ  improved spring steel arrow rest now POWDER COATED:

The Powder Coating takes away the noise of the Arrow taking flight.

HFX 3.0 as of 5/14/14 replaces all other Chief AJ slingshot (sling bow) models. The new heavy duty Stainless Steel frame makes the new power difference.

HFX 3.0 now in stock and the only HFX that Chief AJ now makes available at a NEW level price of $84.95 box set price. You get HFX 3.0, wrist brace, 40# Super Pouch tubes for balls, rocks and arrows. Super Pouch has D loop for archers' shooting release, 12 min How To DVD. 40# have been proven over the past 3 years on Big Game, Target Shooting and Sling Fishing. HFX 3.0 takes all attachments Order here:


Note: Tens of thousands of people have become good with a Compound Bow, but when you do it with the HFX slingshot you get flown to HOLLYWOOD.

6/16/2014 Chief AJ getting ready for Big Game season. 1st shoot fish all summer. 2nd get hunting arrows ready and practice shooting the long hunting arrow (AOD) and take down arrows (TDA)

The Chief  gets asked a lot "do U shoot some kind of short arrow out of your HFX sling bow"? NO, look full length hunting arrow. When the Chief shot a Moose with one of the AOD arrows He got 24" of penetration and Moose meat.

Order HFX 4 fletched feathered arrow here:

AOD, LONG hunting arrow for the HFX (hunting & fishing slingshot) with field point set of 3 $40.00

TDA, 28" arrow in 3 sections that assembles into small and big game hunting arrow. Taken down fits into 9". Set of 3 TDA $60.00
Chief AJ embroidered  hat with Red, White & Blue slingshot shooting logo, $18.00

 Lady & Youth HFX 3.0, same as HFX 3.0 as above but with 22# Super Pouch tube set. Takes all fishing attachments and all power tubes.  $84.95 Boxed Set

5/14/14 FOLDING HFX 3.0 Stainless Steel

FOLDING HFX 3.0 BOW, wt 1# 2oz, folds to ht 8", width 4", Now being built on the HFX 3.0 SS FRAME


 depth 3". This pocket sized BOW has the proven power to harvest small and Big Game. Shoots full 28" or longer hunting arrows with broad heads  and shoots balls or rocks with super smashing power. Can be shot pinch draw or even better has D loop for Archers trigger release. Yes pin point shooing this Bow with a trigger. Just like Compound, long and recurve Bows the Sling Bow comes with clearly marked POWER, 40# Pull @ 28". A BOW. Folding Wrist Brace can (FWB) be detached with provided tool. FWB, can be used with Fishing Reel Seat attachment. Tubes can be shortened 1" to achieve 50# power. Rugged construction with life time Guarantee*. $110.00, Order on line here.

5/6/2014 NEW - HFX Slingshot Fishing Boat & HFX Camp, Rend Lake, IL. Here's what HFX Camp is all about:

Chief AJ sure had a day at HFX camp.

 HFX TRAINING CAMP is a hands on real shooting adventure. To reserve a HFX CAMP spot call or text Robert Flood 618-435-1205 (new #) (cost of camp $350.00, length of camp about 1/2 day, location Rend Lake near Benton, IL.

Here's how to tie on a safety slide Fish arrow, this helps the arrow fly stright:


"CHIEF AJ  Texas Youth Shooters Range" now under construction in Dallas area. Being built by "SLINGSHOTS USA" just West of Royse City, just off I 30 Exit 79. Backstop now up 8' high by 40" long. 7/5 Look at the Progress 


2014 Spring Turkey HFX Report from Sling Bow (slingshot) Friendly Guide LYNN BUSWEL

Outdoor Adventures Guide Lynn Buswell just shot this 26# Turkey, 11" bard and 1" spurs. Lynn will guide you on a HFX Turkey, Deer or Fish hunt. 319-775-1667. That-a-boy Lynn, Out-HFX-Standing

Chief AJ with the HFX hunting & fishing slingshot has taken Deer, Bear, Moose, fish and Now shot a Movie Star in HOLLYWOOD:

  That is right the Chief shot ZANE LAMPREY

4/27/14 Hey Chief AJ you won the National Geographic Sling Shot SHOWDOWN, now are you gong to Disney Land?

NO! I am going Sling Fishing, around the clock, 24/7, night and day Sling Fishing


 Note: Chief AJ is now doing R & D on a new 600 Lumens small light weight bright light that fits right on the HFX making the slingshot a around the clock shooting. 5/9/14 New Power light now proven: Does not tangle with line: Pressure switch e-z to use: Now U can night fish with the power light on your HFX or bow without another person to hold light. Spoonbill in photo above taken with Power Light on HFX.

           Power Light kit $129.95 includes: Light that screws into reel seat of HFX for bow: Pressure switch: Rechargeable batteries (2): Charger for wall and car plug in: This is for the Light Only. Order here on-line:

Phone orders & customs orders 1-217-253-2959      

Shooter of the Year 2013 Robert Flood sure uses the POWER LIGHT, HERE'S A 6' Spoonbill Paddle fish He took with Power Light screwed into His HFX Full Fishing Rig:   More night shooting with Power Light on HFX by Chief AJ: For 3 hours Chief AJ by himself shot fish after fish below the Rend Lake Spillway using the Power light only. Chief says: "Its a blast, press the switch & then snap shoot" This is a great way to get ready for coming big game season.


4/15/14 Q: Hey Chief how do I take off tubes with out cutting. E-Z with Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol)

A: Now any strength tube sets can be taken on & off and reused.

  A flat screw driver blade can be inserted under the tube to be removed then with a eye dropped rubbing alcohol can be used to get alcohol under the tubes and they will slide off.  Same can be done at the pouch end of the tubes to change pouch or arrow only rig.

The HFX sling bows (slingshot) can be shot with pinch draw or with Archers Release using the D loop on the Pouch.

Yes, Chief AJ shooting the HFX slingshot with a Archer's trigger release. Shooting a slingshot with a hair trigger for pinpoint arrow placement. Advantage: Pulling heavy draw tubes with whole arm and shoulder. AJ is looking down the arrow as He draws back. At Full Draw AJ sees the arrow and target then just touches the trigger. Get this Archer's release, order here.

 Here's a good buy on a release: Buckles around your wrist so that your draw the Sling Bow with your whole arm and shoulder and then shoot with a rifle like trigger. $44.95 Order here: Chief AJ recommends this release for compound bows and sling bows because the jaws are held shut on D loop by a spring, big advantage.

Custom orders 1-217-253-2959 or

 Chief AJ has caught up with your orders and is filling orders now as they come in by phone, PayPal and snail mail. The Chief found out that His slingshot Full Fishing Rig works great in Salt Water, not only worked great but proved to be fast and handy for swimming rays and fish.

  Golfers have their swing videoed for analysis to improve their Golf game.
Here's a Marksmanship Lesson from analysis of a successful Video shot, by TOP SHOT TV Show Expert Chief AJ US Marine Corps Marksmanship Instructor!

MARKSMANSHIP ANALYSIS The production of this Marksmanship instruction cost over $7,000.00 and is the best shooting instruction that Chief AJ has ever made free of charge click here: MARKSMANSHIP ANALYSIS

Such a big Ocean, so many fish, so little time!

2014 Chief AJ wants to Put a GRAND IN YOUR HAND SHOOTING THE HFX! $1,000.00$ U want to work in the Outdoor TV, Movie, DVD market here's a way to "Get Know". Enter HFX videos, start now. Chief AJ gets invited to Hollywood often because He has over 50 video clips on Social Media.  

4/23/2014 ENTER NOW, ENTER OFTEN, The more videos the better your odds: $1,000_2014 HFX VIDEO_guide lines

True HFX slingshot story! Tony Reaves order Chief AJ's Elk Hunter Model Slingshot in Nov 2013 and within two weeks Tony had harvested 2 Deer. Then Tony entered Chief AJ's Video contest and won the $500.00 Tony with 5 Benjamin's, The $82 Elk Hunter Model, Arrows and GoPro camera Tony used to capture the Shot, the Hit and the recover of the Deer: Hey, those of you who spent hundreds of $$ on a Mathew's or PSE bow did this happen to U? Was this even possible with that hi dollar compound bow? The HFX Elk Hunter is now the IN Hunting Mini Bow. Here's the winning Video:

$1,000.00 is the prize for the Best 2014 HFX slingshot (sling bow) Video $1,000.00 click here for Guides Lines on how to shoot your way to a Grand: $1,000_2014 HFX VIDEO_guide lines

Why even bother with a expensive compound bow, when U have this opportunity with a slingshot??????

1/31/2014 Fresh Water Lake George, FL, HFX Full Fish Rig with 50# bands proves to take Tilapia fish 6 feet  down in the water.  1st time Randall Lanier use the HFX Full Fishing Rig. Video soon. Even with the Tilapia 6 to 6 1/2 feet deep the HFX shot the fish arrow all the way through. Chief AJ's Full Fishing Rig comes all built up as in photo above#  ready to shoot fish: U get 40# HFX, reel seat, reel with 200# line, big bow fishing reel, short rod, wrist brace and fish arrow, Slingshot shooting video for $220.00. Order here:

DAKOTAH HOLTON sent video of shooting the 7# and 6# Tilapia and this still photo.   7# Tilapia is a Record Book slingshot fish.  SLINGSHOT RECORD BOOK

1/17/14 Chief AJ named Robert Flood as 2013 Shooter of the Year.

Since then hunters have call in like this: "Chief I wished I would have use the HFX on my hunts during 2013, but now for 2014 I am going to use your HFX and try to be "Shooter of the Year 2014". 2014 with be the 4th Year for this coveted award and there are many sportsmen already at work to be "Shooter of the Year 2014" Here's more details:

SHOOTER OF THE YEAR 2013  It is like Cheif AJ says, "hunt with a rifle, shotgun, or compound bow and your are one of millions but do it with a slingshot and be part of the few, proud and brave". (Oh, after Cheif AJ killed a Grizzly bear with a slingshot (The Big 50# Grizzly Model HFX) he was flown to Hollywood to made a National TV show to be aired this March)


At Christmas time 1000's of new HFX shooters received a HFX for the first time and did not know how to return the Arrow rest to the upright postion, SO here in 40 sec. is how to push the Arrow Rest Button:

Q. Hey Chief AJ what makes your Hunting & Fishing Slingshot (HFX) Unique???????????

A. I will show U in 40sec.

  Push Button arrow release that is bolted to the solid metal handle to that U can shoot balls or arrows without taking the slingshot apart.

NEW FOR 2014 "HFX - HUNTING & FISHING COMBO", Chief AJ's dream of a slingshot (sling bow) for both hunting and fishing: 5/14/14 NOW BEING BUILT ON THE SS HFX 3.0 FRAME.


Hunting & Fishing Combo all comes in one small box 5" X 71/2" X 2". Includes: Wrist brace, HFX sling bow with 40# Draw tubes, Fishing Reel SEAT (like a fishing rod handle that holds the Bow Fishing Reel) + Proper wrench. Can be set up with out reel seat on or off. Will shoot balls, hunting and target arrows, bow fishing arrows, rocks. Any heavy duty fishing reel will fit on the reel seat and a short fishing rod can be screwed into the front of reel seat or light. Reel seat will take your Quad Rail + other of your attachments like a bright lights or your smart phone. (Reel and arrows sold separate) Some Shooters have the reel seat on all the time saying it acts as does a bow stabilizer. Boxed Hunting & Fishing Combo as pictured also 12 min DVD how to shoot. $120.00

Fishing accessories can be ordered/added at anytime, like bow fishing reel with 200# line, short rod, Fish arrows:

Here's Big Game photos with the reel seat on;

Now with reel and short rod added

Below is where to click and order Fishing Accessories


Folding Hunting and Fishing Combo, like above but with Folding Wrist Brace. Built on the HFX 3.0 SS

Folding wrist brace, HFX 40# draw, Reel seat, 12 min DVD how to shoot. Ready to hunt big game or small game, ready for your bow fishing reel. $140.00


WHAT A YEAR - 2013 HFX DID GREAT DEEDS! The Most Dangerous Game in North America The Grizzly Bear bagged with HFX The Largest of all North American Big Game a Moose

HFX 4" wide X  8" tall from 50# draw, 40#, 30#, 20# weights is now a proven Mini Bow or Sling Bow.

During 2013 Chief AJ made a HFX SLING BOW National Geographic TV show to be aired in 2014. UPdate: Chief AJ won the

MOST IMPORTANT CHIEF AJ's Customers have taken Deer, Waterfowl, tons of Fish and small game with the HFX Robert Flood: Tony Reaves


Original HFX Big Game Belt has bolt on wrist brace. Now built on the HFX 3.0 SS Frame

 For a Hunter or Survivalist. In this Kit is the "Elk Hunter" model, hunting and fishing slingbow.

Hundreds of these "BIG GAME BELTS" or "Grab and Go Kits" or "Survival Packs" have now gone out from Chief AJ's Tribal Workshop: (made in the USA)

         Ashley wearing Big Game Belt.              

Everything you need to take small or Big Game in one fanny pack 13" X 7" with adjustable belt. HFX 40# hunting sling bow, wrist brace, Take Down Arrow which makes a 28" full length hunting arrow, balls of death for small game, Muzzy Broad head just like has taken Deer and Moose now. Chief used this rig to bag a Deer on camera. Truly "Grab & Go" ready when unexpectedly needed. Oh the heavy duty fanny pack is thick nylon with 5 pockets. $120.00

BIG GAME BELT as above but with FOLDING WRIST BRACE, built on HFX 3.0 SS Frame!

Just $20.00 more or $140.00 Big Game Belt 2.0 - $140.00 click here to order with folding wrist brace

New Non-Mechanical Shooting release for HFX slingshots, Compound bows, long bows and recurve bows

See the Quick Fire in Action


Comes with packaged with instructions

Sure makes a good Backup Release for Compound bow shooters just in case! $14.95


For custom orders call good old Chief AJ (He likes to talk about shooting) 1-217-253-2959

                                                        TOP SHOT SPECIAL  

Yes, Chief AJ was the Slingshot Expert on the TV show Top Shot

L to R: Top Shot Host "Coby", Chief AJ Expert in front of the Slingshot Large Target Setup. Since Top Shot Cheif AJ has been back to Hollywood several times to perform marksmanship for TV shows and Movies. To watch the Top Shot show with slingshot shooting click below (2nd half of show) Another National TV Show featuring Chief AJ will be out soon.

                                                                                 TOP SHOT SPECIAL

TWO (2)  Quick Point Slingshot Boxed Set. On left the TOP SHOT model just like used on Top Shot (target model) and Quick Point with Hunting Tubes just like Chief AJ used on "ANYTHING WILD" TV show to bag flushing pheasants, seen by over 2,000,000 people. Top Shot model 17# pull and Hunting model 27# pull. Boxed set with both slingshots and 12 min How To Shoot DVD. $39.95 ($45.00 value) Order here

Note: The Top Shot Quick Point Slingshots does not shoot arrows. These are great for target, small game and birds even Turkey.  Will shoot balls, marbles, rocks, paintballs. The HFX models shoot arrows and balls like Elk Hunter, Deer Hunters Rig, Grizzly.

   Chief AJ using the Quick Point with black tubes just like in the Top Shot Special 

Chief AJ shipps to  Asia, all 50 States, Brazil, New Zealand, Australia and all around our World.

11/11/13 NOW IN BORNEO

Dear Chief AJ,I just received the slingshot today with full of satisfaction. I
really enjoyed and thank you very much for your service. I think I'm the first one
in Brunei to own this wonderful AJ Slingshot. My pleasure!,..... ENG HUA POH


Rifleman, John Wayne, Oversized Cocking lever or called the Steve McQueen loop. Solid Aluminum black powder coated for great feel. To install on your Red Ryder BB rifle just one bolt & nut to remove, pull out little kid lever, put in Chief AJ big cowboy hoop and put back bolt and nut. You get Cowboy Hoop Black Aluminum for $20.00 (bb gun not included)


 Here's a COMBO: Adult Sized Stock like Chief AJ shot bb gun exhibitions with from MT to FL + Cowboy Hoop.

 Hardwood Adult sized stock, may need light sanding and can be painted or stained to your liking + Cowboy Hoop makes your Red Ryder into a Full Sized Adult Training Rifle. Stock & Hoop $35.00

Metal cowboy cocking levers for Red Ryder sell great, call for dealer pricing 1-253-2959 cell 907 903 7966F

For more info on Red Ryder add-ons click here: ADULT SIZED STOCK

1/14/14 UPDATE from Lance Parrish in South Carolina who ordered the adult stock and big hoop set:

Hey Chief,
> I wanted to thank you for getting that shipment out to me so quickly. The
> addition to my BB gun is awesome! I can't seem to put it down! I'll send
> you a picture once i get it painted this weekend.

Top: Red Ryder Child sized - Bottom: Adult sized Red Ryder with Adult stock, Cowboy Hoop and one can spray paint.

Keith Stickley up in MI ordered the Big Stock & Big Hoop combo for His Son and they enjoy the up-sized BB gun so much Keith ordered another combo. The Combo sure makes shooting the Rey Ryder a adult joy. AJ

Q: Hey Chief AJ are your HFX slingshots and wrist braces GUARANTEE:

A: *Guarantee: Metal frame, handle and metal wrist brace for life time.

Here's more proof of power of HFX shooting arrows:

Deep penetration into Ballistic Gel

To see the power of Sling Bows now 9/26/13 click here: SLING BOW POWER in Joules, FPE, fps, Kinetic Energy, and actual field shooting Big Game: SLING BOW POWER

The HFX now has the right be call a BOW, by what it has achieved!

8/30/13 Robert Flood of Christopher, IL makes more shots in 3 1/2 minutes that those 30 min Outdoor TV shows, just watch!


Chief AJ goes JOHNNY GO-PRO off the bridge. See the shot in one minute.


Chief AJ gets a Go-Pro Camera, captures long long shot with 50# draw HFX slingshot:

See the new 50# tubes shoot heavy 4 oz. solid fiber glass fish arrow clear across the Kaskaskia River and stick a Buffalo Fish. Still pic from Video

So there is the Buffalo fish from across the Kaskaskia River. The draw, the shot, the hit and fish all caught on Video from Go-Pro camera.


7/29/2013: This 3 min clean Slingshot Deer Harvest Video is to help the Illinois DNR understand our Native American make sling bow.

  14,677 Views, 3 weeks of hunting seen in 3 min.

Note: The same slingshot frame (HFX) used in the deer hunting Video takes bow fishing attachments as used in this Video.

From the very 1st Day that Robert Flood got His Chief AJ Slingshot Full Fishing Rig He has been shooting like this:

  Shooting a Slingshot is the most natural things you can do!

Full Fishing Rig built on HFX 3.0

Includes: Wrist Brace, HFX 40# Sling Bow built on the HFX 3.0 SS FRAME, Reel Seat, Muzzy bow fishing reel w/200# line, short rod and Muzzy Fish Arrow all assembled ready to shoot fish. $220.00 Order here:

9/26/13 Chief AJ's dream of a Hunting & Fishing slingshot has come True! The HFX slingshot now has taken, Black Bear, Grizzly Bear, White-tailed Deer, Turkeys, Badger, Catfish, Spoonbill, carp, buffalo fish, Gator Gar, and even a MOOSE.  You can get in on this new shooting trill.



5/14/14 People have been calling for a Big 50# pull Grizzly tube set for their HFX 3.0. So order here the Big 50 Tube set with arrow only rig $29.50 (note Chief AJ developed these powerful tubes with hand held digital scale, when check by a State Game Warder on a better scale the poundage came out right at 60#)

Big 50 Grizzly tube set $29.50

TOP OF THE LINE OF HFX's "GRIZZLY" BIG 50 (note right at 60# draw wt.) 5/14/2014 now even more powerful being built on the HFX 3.0 SS Frame.

The Big 50, CHIEF AJ 50# GRIZZLY BOXED SET IS NOW AVAILABLE  $110.00 Boxed Grizzly set: 50# Grizzly with arrow only rig. (to be shot with archers release sold separate) in box with Shooting Video, Wrist Brace and extra tube set. Order here on-line

Custom orders 1-217-253-2959 or

Chief AJ knows from shooting Big Game with arrows propelled from the HFX slingbow (slingshot) that the 2 (two) Blade Muzzy Point works on thick & thin skinned animals. "Cut on Contact" screw in Big Game Points for Take Down Arrows (TDA) and the (AOD) arrow of deliverance (solid full length arrow). 3 Pack of Muzzy Points $30.00 Order here:

Now about wrist braces! The Deer Hunters Rig, Elk Hunter, Grizzly come with the sold bolt on wrist brace

The Bolt On wrist brace can be used on all HFX models and even wooden slingshots by drilling one hole. You can buy the Bolt On wrist brace with bolt, washer & nut for $24.95 

8/24/2013 NOW A HFX FOLDING WRIST BRACE: Right here in 17 seconds your can see the New HFX Folding Wrist Brace:


With HFX FOLDING WRIST BRACE you can put your Hunting & Fishing (HFX) sling bow all folded up into your shooting bag or quiver. Folds back to shooting position at once.

HFX FOLDING WRIST BRACE $39.95. Wt. 1 #, comes with hardware and tool.

Can be used with reel seat on. Custom orders call 1-217-253-2959 or


Chief AJ wants U to see how William Wiesner shoots the Big 50, 50# Grizzly & shot a World Record Turkey:                                                                               

, Some shoot the HFX slingshot vertical and William shoots horizontal.

L to R: Chief AJ, Steven Cole shooter of the year 2012 Both drawing the New Big 50# Pull HFX.

AJ shooting Left Handed with FULL FIST GRIP. Steven Cole shooting Right Handed with thumb and forefinger up on forks. 32" carbon arrows,  4 or Quad fletched with feathers, shooting with archers releases. Both Marines, both in the Slingshot Record Book.  Steven with HFX slngshot Deer, AJ with HFX slingshot Moose & Grizzly Bear.

SLINGSHOT RECORD BOOK (click and take a look with what has now been bagged with these new hi-power sling bows)

7/18/13  Chief AJ customer with FULL FISHING SLINGSHOT RIG lands SPOONBILL fish:


Full Fishing Rig:

Includes: Wrist Brace, HFX 40# Sling Bow on the HFX 3.0 SS Frame, Reel Seat, Muzzy bow fishing reel w/200# line, short rod and Muzzy Fish Arrow all assembled ready to shoot fish. $220.00 Order here:

Custom orders call 1-217-253-2959 comes RH unless you specify LH

Over the past year people have been asking about "Kenetic Energy" of the 40# pull slingshots like Chief AJ's ELK HUNTER, FULL FISHING RIG, DEER HUNTER RIG. The results came in today 5/16/13 for Engineer William Wiesner: Well, here are the results:
- Draw weight is 42#@28"
- Foot pounds of kenetic energy 30.31# this is the single most important
measurement in bow preformance.
- Feet per second 161
- Dynamic Efficency- 78%
    This is outstanding for this type of equipment. Turkey, black bear and
deer. Look out now, there is no excuse to not pile up the animals.


call for custom order 1-217-253-2959

It is not just a slingshot but a way of life:

5/10/13 - 75 yr old Chief AJ pulling the big 50 the 50# GRIZZLY Sling bow. (Note: Chief AJ was recently presented with a Christian Amethyst Bishop's Ring)

To see Slingshot World Records of Fish & Game click here: SLINGSHOT RECORD BOOK

The HFX takes fishing attachment, wrist brace, 30#,40# & 50# tube sets with archer's D loop to use with release trigger sold separated from this web site. This HFX will take birds   will balls, samll game  with arrows and Deer Chief AJ does it with the HFX and the souped up HFX's below like the Elk Hunter & Deer Hunter's Rig.

Original HFX Big Game Belt has bolt on wrist brace, built on the HFX 3.0 SS Frame. For a Hunter or Survivalist. In this Kit is the "Elk Hunter" model, hunting and fishing slingbow.

Hundreds of these "BIG GAME BELTS" or "Grab and Go Kits" or "Survival Packs" have now gone out from Chief AJ's Tribal Workshop: (made in the USA)

Everything you need to take small or Big Game in one fanny pack 13" X 7" with adjustable belt. HFX 40# hunting sling bow, wrist brace, Take Down Arrow which makes a 28" full length hunting arrow, balls of death for small game, Muzzy Broad head just like has taken Deer and Moose now. Chief used this rig to bag a Deer on camera. Truly "Grab & Go" ready when unexpectedly needed. Oh the heavy duty fanny pack is thick nylon with 5 pockets. $120.00

You can customize a Big Game Belt with more arrows or points, ect.. For a custom BGB of your own just call Chief AJ on the phone: 1-217-253-2959

NOTE: Ashley in not is the above photo just to look good, Watch Ashley Shoot and learn!!! 8,872 views!!!



For custom orders call 1-217-253-2959


Chief AJ now can ship to Canada, United Kingdom, all 50 States, Australia, if your country is not in this list e-mail first

Last Summer Tim Oest drove many miles to film Slingshot Fishing near Tuscola, IL, all afternoon only 1 fish showed up:

  This is the "DREAM" by Chief AJ a slingshot to Hunt and Fish with. Now 5 years later tons of fish have been harvested, 7 Deer, 1 Moose, 1 Black Bear and soon the most dangerous of all North Amerian Big Game. (Chief AJ had one chance and got one fish that afternoon in 2012)

Here's the story behind how Chief AJ got on the front covers of 14 National Magazines, how AJ made it be a Expert on "TOP SHOT", how AJ bagged a running Antelope on Anything Wild TV show seen by 20 Million viewers.

  Yes practicing quick point instinct shooting with adult sized "Red Ryder" bb gun. Now U can upgrade a Daisy Red Ryder to be a Adult Sized Instinct Shooter. The Chief has made available the full sized stock that does the trick.  New Chief AJ product for your Red Ryder Daisy bb gun. Adult sized stock like that is on the Daisy Chief AJ bb gun. Fits your old or new Red Ryder. For more details click here: ADULT SIZED STOCK turns your Red Ryder into a Instinct Quick Kill trainer.

1/14/14 UPDATE from Lance Parrish in South Carolina who ordered the adult stock and big hoop set:

Hey Chief,
> I wanted to thank you for getting that shipment out to me so quickly. The
> addition to my BB gun is awesome! I can't seem to put it down! I'll send
> you a picture once i get it painted this weekend.


You get unfinished hard wood Adult stock that fits into your Red Ryder Daisy bb gun + Chief AJ on-line Quick Point (Quick point) shooting seminar for $25.95 By e-mail you get a very privet URL for shooting seminar and the stock in the mail. Order here

Out takes from Video:

The targets: Paint Balls                             Target hit with single BB flying in air.

Keith Stickly received the Adult Stock and stained it Walnut and now see how good it looks:

Now this Red Ryder is an Chief AJ Adult sized SHOOTER!


Here's 3 Grown Men "The Chiefs" showing you how good the Elk Hunter 45# pull Sling Bow shoots targets. Same slingshot that bagged Deer, Bear & Moose yet pinpoint target shooting. (this power cannot be achieved with plastic frame slingshot which will break in your hand)


Here is one of the best FISHING SHOTS ever made with a slingshot, its long, its for real and shot on camera. 74,331 people have viewed this out-standing shot by Glenn Trane.  33 sec. to see this SHOT!

  This outstanding shot was made with Full Fishing Rig

Click here for more fish shoot'en action: SLINGSHOT FISHING


Includes: Wrist Brace, HFX 3.0 40# Sling Bow, Reel Seat, Muzzy bow fishing reel w/200# line, short rod and Muzzy Fish Arrow all assembled ready to shoot fish. $220.00 Order here:

If your already have a HFX you can order the fishing accessories here:  SLINGSHOT FISHING

Over the past 3 years Chief AJ has introduced Marksmanship to over 2,000 boys and girls. Here's a Video taken by Tim Oest of the Kankakee, IL youth shoot.



CHIEF AJ's HFX (hunting & fishing slingshot) catapulta explained in Espanola

  For more Espanola click here:

Caza y Pesca catapulta

2013, The new year project with be working with State Fish & Game departments to get more approvals for sling bow and slingshot hunting: Plea for Conservation Video 51,430 views, getting the message out!



How to build a slingshot backstop that enables you to use ammo over and over!


Changing HFX arrow rest from Right Hand to Left Hand

HOW TO SILENCE THE HFX & protect fletching

Chief AJ hears this a lot: How do you sight a slingbow?


WARNING: Do not even try to use these new Real Rubber Powerful tube sets with a slingshot that has plastic parts! Intended for use with all metal HFX models like Elk Hunter, Deer Hunting Rig and Full Fishing Rig.

TUBE SETS ONLY: For HFX and 1/4" slingshot forks. There are the Real Dipped Rubber Fast Snap Tubes.

10/31/12 More about the fast forward snap of the real dipped rubber tubes:

These Dipped Real  Rubber Tubes with 40# draw are smooth to pull with super fast forward snap that make the HFX slingshots more powerful that early compound bows!!! This is way Chief AJ was able to get a quick kill on a 2,000 pound Moose. These New dipped fast snap tubes are so good that Slingshots USA & Chief AJ bought up all made to date and further production. Now these powerful tube set are permanently marked "" to set them apart from all other tubes or bands for slingshots. Now available as Super Pouch set: Super Pouch that shoots balls, rocks and/or arrows. Has serviced bow string in center and D loop for archers release shooting. Set comes with 9 1/2" tube which give over 40# draw. U can cut off 1/2" and have over 45# draw legal for Bear in Alaska and Wild Buffalo in Wyoming. Order here for $28.95 the set above.


Same New Dipped Fast Snap Tubes as above but with arrow only shooting rig with D loop for archers release shooting. Come 9 1/2" length which draws 40#+ and can be cut off 1/2" to be over 45# draw casting a hunting arrow over 160 yards. Permanently marked "" Here's how to shoot the Arrow only rig:  Order here $28.95 per set. Arrow only rig fits all HFX slingshot models and all 1/4" forks.

HOME of the Take Down Arrow (TDA) for small and Big Game NOT FOR FISH! NOT FOR PATRICE! FOR MEAT when hard to get!!!!

Since the HFX is only 4" wide and 7" high weighing only 8 oz this Big Game Killer can fit into a small fumy pack like Chief AJ's Big Game Belt or your own back pack, so here's a full length legal hunting arrow that takes down for the small pack.

The Chief AJ "Take Down Arrow" (TDA) Has become know World Wide Now! The Chief used a TDA bagging this Deer: (quad fletched) 14,677 viewers have now seen this powerful shot.

   Yes, to bag this Deer the Chief used the TDA (take down arrow) and the Muzzy point that comes with the BGB. It is so neat that it all goes into and comes out of a fanny pack 13" X 7". Note: Since this video was made the Chief has come up with even better real rubber black fast snap tubes that pull so smooth.

Set of 3 TDA's

TDA come with field points. Big game Muzzy broad heads sold separate.



Note: The above rig also shoots balls, rocks, paintballs with just a flick of the spring-loaded arrow rest. The HFX is ready to shoot balls or arrows all the time all is built in. Phone orders 1-217-253-2959 All HFX Rigs like the Deer Hunter Rig take all the fishing attachments.

Hey Chief I have a HFX can I order just the wrist brace?  Yes, Yes & Yes

Hey Chief can I put your strong balanced wrist brace on my Whamo or other wooden slingshot? YES!

Wooden arrow shooter. Wrist brace only needs one hole drilled 21/64"to be installed on wooden slingshot. Balanced Wrist Brace at work.

Wrist Brace for the Basic Hunting & Fishing Slingshot: Fits ALL HFX, QUICK BOWS & SPECIAL HFX MODLES, will install on wooden slingshots by drilling one hole 21/64".

Wrist Brace bolts on the HFX solid. Hardware included. Can be used with or with out the Fishing reel seat. $24.95 Order here with add to cart button:

SLINGSHOTs for Sale Page


TOP SHOT SHOOTING from the Hollywood Set.

Tactical Gear for the HFX slingbows: TACTICAL HFX SLINGBOW

For the New Real Rubber Dipped Power tube sets click here: SURVIVAL HFX SLINGBOW ALL BLACK

Proved on the Largest of North American Big Game. click here: BIG GAME SLINGBOWS   HFX SLING BOW ACCESSORIES & ARROWS (Take Down Arrow)  


click here for: TOP SHOT - TARGET SLINGSHOTS - Bird - Small Game slingshots

HFX stands for Hunting & Fishing Extreme Slingshot.

There is this young HFX Shooter, Dakotah in FL sure sends in good fish pics:




All of Chief AJ products will be here soon!

In the mean time call 1-217-253-2959

For all Chief AJ Videos click here: & 

* Broad Heard steel big game point in above photo is just like the point that Chief AJ used to bag a Moose with.

Chief AJ approved Big Game Points, 85 gr, two blade, screw in points: 3 for $30 order here:



   Chief AJ wants to see you shoot your way into the:  SLINGSHOT RECORD BOOK



Hey Cheif AJ almost 11 years ago now there on the bank of Jane's Creek near Ravenden Springs, AR while you were baptizing people in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit the word came to you that a Native Peoples, Indigenous movement for JESUS was starting right then. That this movement would be a Living Page right out of the New Testament around the World. CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT THIS MEANS TO U:



During the past 11 years this message has gone into all the World via the World Wide Web encouraging indigenous native Christians to be a living page right out of the New Testament.  That is direct access to the Father through His Son, Christ Jesus. In doing this the Indigenous peoples have found the source of endless energy and strength in their lives , that being JESUS! In their worship services now there are conversions, healings, miracles, payers answers, native peoples men and women ordained to proclaim the Good News to their people. Over 10,000 baptized and being taught the way of JESUS.

Indigenous Christians encouraging other Native People around the World  to walk with JESUS by the teachings of JESUS and baptizing in the Name of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit! In worship services allowing The HOLY SPIRIT to set the program as in the New Testament.

There are plenty of Church groups doing the social gospel. The Great Commission is being fulfilled by Indigenous people preaching to Indigenous people in the POWER OF THE HOLLY SPIRIT.


Old time Christian BishopIndigenous Bishop Chief AJAt this time 4/23/14 Our Bishop is Ordaining Native Christians to teach & baptize Native people around the World via the Internet click here for more Christian info: NATIVE AMERICAN CHRISTIAN CHURCH    contact

What you read in the New Testament the NACC is doing it. 4/23/2014 Many questions come in, like what kind of Christian is Chief AJ?

Back in the Mid-80's Chief AJ toured with Roy Rogers and is the same kind of Christian as Roy Rogers "Straight Shooter"!!!  When Chief AJ is invited to put on a Youth event or speak to group or preach in Church Straight talk will come forth, people feel the Holy Spirit power right out of the New Testament, healing, deliverance, and new Hope!

Here's what has happen to Chief AJ during the past 11 years in His  person life by walking with JESUS helping Indigenous peoples to see JESUS.

The Chief has become know World Wide by doing Biblical Type great deeds. Pulling 200# Yew Longbow, Taking Big Game with a Slingshot, winning Body Building Contest in the Master Division, traveled the United States fishing and hunting, been flown to Hollywood several times to do great deeds on National TV, invited to give Faith Motivational talks in many States and at 76 going Strong!!! 907 903 7966 for text and pics.

TOP OF PAGE  Here's hunting & fishing stories: SLINGSHOT FISHING  

HFX Hunting & Fishing Slingshot   SLINGSHOT HUNTING


Super Slingshot Shooting: A day walking the banks of river with HFX no boat needed, all public area below Rend Lake, IL


Slingshot Adventures (Deer)


Here's the Video from Hawaii & Chris Stanley that launched  Slingshot Big Game Shooting :



Here's more details on AJ's records: WORLD RECORDS by CHIEF AJ

Chief AJ's favorite Video



TOP of This Page Chief AJ. com      




October 22, 2012 or 10/22 The Best Day of the Year! It was back in 1987 that Chief AJ grabbed a Ruger 10/22 Rifle and shot His way onto a FRONT COVER!

Click here for the whole story of the 8 days of

 shooting and hitting the Wall of Pain:  World Record True Story about pain and glory!

PIANO CHATS 4 Christian Sermons by Chief AJ, Here the #1

  click here: for 1-4 PIANO CHATS

*10/28/2012 CHIEF AJ IS NOW SUCCESSFUL TEACHING "QUICK POINT" AROUND THE WORLD via this On-Line Shooting Seminar. Yes U can take this Shooing Course from your computer, read on.

Way back in the 40's last century Chief AJ was shooting on a NRA, Jr rifle team, then AFROTC rifle team, next was the US MARINE CORPS rifle team . Alone came the Muzzling Loading Rifle craze then Trap shooting with fancy shotguns. All the time the Chief was shooting longbows, recurve bows and compound bows. In the early 80's the fast "QUICK KILL" or "QUICK POINT" shooting came about. The Chief became fascinated with "QUICK POINT".  He just had to learn "QUICK KILL" and He did it with borrowed Ruger 10/22 rifles. After tens of thousands shots with  the .22's the Chief mastered "QUICK POINT".  At Lost Valley Lake Resort deep in the Ozark Hills at age 50 shooting 8 days in a row hitting 40,060 flying targets without a miss with the Ruger 10/22 rifles that he had fine tuned the Chief shot His way on the front cover of "GUNS" national slick magazine Sept, 1987.  This Instinct Shooting Record that has not yet been broken but tried at least a dozen times.

HERE IS WHAT HAPPEN AFTER THE "GUNS" magazine came out back in '87:

So many people wanted Chief AJ  to teach and coach them in "Quick Kill" shooting that He started a Instinct Shooting Camp which He ran for 23 years. The Chief coached over 3,000 people to be able to shoot trap with a rifle, hit coins in the air and bust tossed up aspirin tablets with 22 rifles, handguns and slingshots. For 23 years Chief AJ held Rifle Camp which cost $400.00 a day to attend. Now Chief AJ's is On-Line  shooting

lessons that you get on your computer and then shoot with a rifle, bb gun, shotgun, slingshot, ect.  Online Rifle Camp now has gone around the World with people learning Chief AJ's Champions Way of Quick Point or Instinct Shooting! Cost: $19.95 to enroll in Chief AJ's On-Line Rifle Camp: click here

Yes this on-line learning to Shoot the CHIEF AJ CHAMPIONSHIP WORKS!!!!






11/12/12 More about "THE PAINTED HORN" Chief AJ just received this gift custom made for Him by Ray & the crew!

Horn painting by W L Buckingham, Indian on horse is shooting with a Slingshot. Yes, it is OK to send the Chief gifts!

Yes, this may just be a prophecy of what Chief AJ will shoot with the HFX slingshot next. 

National slingshot Assocation






*Guarantee: Metal frame, handle and metal wrist brace for life time. If any metal part fails will be replace N/C only postage and handling charge.  Return Policy: HFX slingshot frames and wrist braces can be returned within 15 days of purchase date. 15% restocking fee apples.  Tubes, pouches, strings are terminal tackle. 

A while back when Joe Serafini first mustered out of the USMC he ask Chief AJ what to do next? Chief AJ told Joe to apply to be on "TOP SHOT" TV show and that the Chief would put in a good word for Joe.

Then Joe handed to the Chief a Marine Corps Challenge Coin. Since then Chief AJ has been carried away with Marine Corps Challenge Coins and had a personalize one made:

Here's Heads & Tails of the 1 3/4" heavy solid brass USMC Chief AJ Challenge Coin 1/8" thick. $25.00 each, order here.

For quantity price call the Chief 1-217-253-2959

Q: Hey Chief AJ, Does your Sling Bow have enough power to make the Rac-em-Bac BowMag work? 157,398 have seen this new exploding arrow head work form a compound bow.


A: See if the Sling Bow works like a Compound Bow in 11 sec.

  That was a bang! You can order BowMag arrow heads right here right now:

6-Pk, BowMac with Practice Point the weight of the BowMac. (not included: arrows or cartridges) Works with Compound Bow, Cross Bow and even better with Sling Bow, HFX, Elk Hunter or 50# Grizzly. You get 6-Pk of BowMac arrow heads & Practice point for $35.00 use add to cart button;

A: See if the Sling Bow works like a Compound Bow in 11 sec.

  That was a bang! You can order BowMag arrow heads right here right now:

6-Pk, BowMac with Practice Point the weight of the BowMac. (not included: arrows or cartridges) Works with Compound Bow, Cross Bow and even better with Sling Bow, HFX, Elk Hunter or 50# Grizzly. You get 6-Pk of BowMac arrow heads & Practice point for $35.00 use add to cart button;

For custom orders call the Chief 1-217-253-2959

10/3/13 We have a First Responder, Wounded Warrior RICH O'MARfA, helps out Chief AJ showing the Power of the HFX sling bows

237.5# Russian Boar. Also this puts Rick O'Mara into the SLINGSHOT RECORD BOOK

HFX (Hunting & Fishing Extreme Slingshot) hunting tip from 2013 Video Hunting Contest Winner TONY REAVES:

Here's how Tony keeps His HFX Elk Hunter Model on a hook in the the tree ready shoot while waiting in a deer stand for a shot. All Tony has to do when a target shows up is hoop up Archers' release to the D loop and draw down. Soft rubber Pen Pal stick on clip holds the arrow in ready position. Here's Tony with just one of the Deer

He as harvested with the HFX 3.0:



5/22/14 Chief AJ was CHALLENGED by Robert Flood to shoot a Shaving Cream Can out of the air with the HFX like Chris Brackett did on His TV show with a Compound Bow.  Y gott'a see what happens to Robert:

  For years Chief AJ has been trying to get a still photo of one of His aerial shots. Now here is a frame of the Video taken with a GoPro. There it is, photo showing HFX sling bow (slingshot) that launch the arrow that punctured the shaving cream can.