The "CHIEF AJ Championship Way!" NEW Chief AJ e-mail:  , Landline (217) 253-2959 cell 907 903 7966  Snail Mail: Chief AJ, POB 131, Tuscola, IL 61953-0131 For Spanish Caza y Pesca catapul      

10/3/15 Back last Jan. Wall Street Journal Reporter, Ben Kesling contacted all makers of sling bows and hunting slingshots to take Him on a hunt. All refused except CHIEF AJ who had just developed a new model sling bow the "Elite". Long story SHORT, CHIEF AJ MADE A 35 yd Shot on moving 200# Hog and Now "Elite" production really stepped up here in the USA:The others did not want to shoot in front of US Marine Corps Captain Ben Kesling, but CHIEF AJ made the shot with cameras rolling: 


  Results: Shooters all around the World now have "Elites" with the long handle with finger groves, Killing Range proven on Big Game 35 yds. Now 10/3/15 Chief AJ has all new CNC macines and step up production so that U do not haft to wait on get the new "ELITE" sling bow!


 Order Here on Line or call the Chief 1-217-253-2959

New Chief AJ "ELITE" Sling Bow Proven effective on Big and Small Game at 35 yards right on the Front Page of the WALL STREET JOURNAL, June 8, 2015 with WSJ video.

Here's the NEW Chief AJ "ELITE" SLING BOW. Comes with the powerful One-O-Nine tubes which can be adjusted from 30#, 35#,40# 45# or 50# draw. The Draw is very smooth and when you touch the trigger of your archers release arrow speed in surprising 185fps. 10/3/15 Chief AJ is now shipping "Elites" all around the World . Get yours and start Extreme Bow Hunting!!! Proven Hunting Bow on Camera by the WALL STREET JOURNAL, will shoot balls and full length arrows. $110.00 Built in Folding Wrist Brace. Shoot both balls and regular Hunting Arrows!!!

Long finger grove handle, Large folding wrist brace which hunting coat sleeves will fit into. Less that one pound in weight, folds to 1" thick. Has longer range that the HFX by 15 yards, 185fps, shoots arrows from 27" - 32". Not available on e-bay, not on Amazon, not on cheaper that dirt, Only form the Chief $110.00. Order here:

10/5/15 The Chief gets many phone calls like this: "Can a person really bag a Deer with a slingshot (sling bow)?

How about many squirrels and 4 Deer in one Video that earned $1,000.00 for shooter "TR" Tony Reaves:


9/27/15 Hunting Seasons are open and opening now all across the USA. So, Chief AJ just came out with a North America Big Game Elite sling bow EDITION, for all North America Big Game from Grizzlies to Deer.

The regular Elite will shoot balls and arrows, NOT this EDITION. This

edition is for Big Game, comes all packaged up in a tough clam shell. "ELITE" sling bow with D loop bow string for shooting long Hunting arrows. Full arrow containment with Whisker Biscuit.  In package is a pulling and shooting non-mechanical release. Here's the HOW TO SHOOT "ELITE" BIG GAME EDITION VIDEO:

  "Elite" Sling Bow North America Big Game EDITION comes with Whisker Biscuit arrow containment installed, Strong One-O-Nine tubes, see Video for how powerful, plus pulling and shooting device a $202.00 value is order separate, as  package $149.95 order on line here:

From time to time Chief AJ is asked to speak for groups from Sportsman's Clubs to Church meetings. Here's Chief AJ's upcoming speaking tour. He will be telling about shooting and hunting adventures from Alaska to Main to Florida and back to Hollywood making TV specials + Front Page of Wall Street Journal June 8, 15.
Peoria, IL on Oct. 1st., Wow did that speech ever go over good!

Next Chief AJ speaking engagement: Charleston, IL on Oct. 14th

Charleston VFW, 1821 20th St

As Chief AJ talks He gives out prizes.


 "ELITE" sling bow Fishing attachments:

U wind Reel


U wind Reel, comes with Line and hardware. Can be used with "ELITE" and can be used with HFX. As seen the above Video, just screws in and ready to shoot Fish. (u wing reel only not the whole rig) $49.95 order here:


"ELITE" reel seat

Screws into the Threaded Accessory area of the "ELITE" sling bow. Holds all type of fishing reels. $36.95 order here:

Muzzy Bow Fishing Reel, with 200# bow fishing line: Price is for Reel ONLY, $87.50. Order Muzzy Reel only here


Now the whole Rig, Elite sling bow, reel seat, Muzzly reel with 200# line, One-O-Nine tube with Fish arrow shooting string w/D loop for shooting with Archer's release. Folds up to 7" tall, 8" long wt. 2.56#. Does not come with Fish arrows.

ELITE, fishing rig $199.99 comes Put-To-Gather! Fish arrow not included. As pictured: Elite sling bow, reel rest, Bow fishing spin case reel with 200 fast flight line.

Elite fishing rig with Whisker Busict installed, $249.99

Or for more "Elite" Details:

How made and Why Details & Ordering   Page: ELITE PAGE  AJ is now shipping the new "Elite" model around the World.  Click Here: ELITE PAGE


Fish arrows:

Solid fiberglass, Set of 3, $62.50 Order here


Yes, DNR click here!  SLING BOW POWER

MORE SLING BOW (slingshot) Events and Award:  $1,000.00 For Best California Elite Deer Hunting Video click here for details: CDNR



STRAIGHT ARROW NEWS: 3/7/15 For the past few months Chief AJ has been working with NOCKTURNAL HELIOS 6 VEINS FLETCHING FOR ARROWS. Here's the Helios Engineer Bill Peterson to explain "Helios"

 Way back in school Chief AJ got "A's" in Geometry. SO, the Chief tried the Helios veins with the HFX and fond that not only did arrow fly good but the Helios veins are super tough for thousands of shoots over the spring steel HFX arrow rest. Now all Chief AJ arrows come with HELIOS VEINS: Solid arrows like the Arrow of Deference:

 See how good there Helios Arrows are in 7 sec. Note: Sling Bow v Compound Bow. A compound bow shooter would want the Hog to stand still broadside. The Hog would haft fit the pins in the bow sight. Yes the Hog would have gotten away, but AJ swung with the fleeing Hog and dropped the would be escapee.

 The Hog was running away and all ready 35 yards out when Chief AJ shot with the One-O-Nine tubes. The Helios 6 vain fletching has increased the Elite Sling Bow range. All "Elite's" come with One-O-Nine tubes. AOD (arrow of deliverance) hit the 200# Hog just in front of the last rib and SMACKED THE HOG DOWN or HOG SMACK DOWN. (spine was severed)

Q: Hey, Chief AJ what is the arrow speed with this AOD arrow Big Game Killer.

A:  Toyn Reaves who has harvested with HFX and "ELITE" SLING, r5 Deer, Two Turkeys, 2 hogs, Swan & Sting Rays, just achieved (8/2/15) 185.9fps

That is right a whooping 185.9fps. That is more than a 50# recurve or long bow.


Now you can get a Set of 3 Gold Tip 400 Hunter 32", 400gr Carbon Tough HFX arrows with Helios for $40.00. Click here to order on-line: (field point included) This is the arrow that Chief AJ shot a nut out of a squirrels mouth with not harming the rodent. Any standard broad head or point will screw in. This AOD solid tough ONE PIECE carbon arrow if for practice and taking all game on the North American Continent. 3 for $40.00 click here:



  Set of 3 TDA (Take Down Arrows) with Helios $60.00. TDA is 3 sections in 12" tube to made a 31" hunting arrow with field point. The purpose of this TDA is to take lunch in survival or unexpected hunt. Not practice arrows. Chief AJ harvested a deer with a TDA to show the purpose and have lunch. Strong plastic tube 12" X 1.5".

Click here to order on-line:


For custom orders call Chief AJ 1-217-253-2959

TDA use to harvest Deer:


Many shooters received a HFX OR ELITE sling bow (slingshot) for Christmas that did not know how e-z it is to put the arrow rest up for shooting arrows and then down to shoot rocks and or balls. The HFX arrow rest is PUSH BUTTON up and down: Watch This:

Q. Hey Chief AJ what makes your Hunting & Fishing Slingshot (HFX) Unique???????????

A. I will show U in 40sec.

   Push Button arrow release that is bolted to the solid metal handle to that U can shoot balls or arrows without taking the slingshot apart. Many request come in to get the Arrow Rest only $19.95 Order here:Powder coated



For custom orders like with Take Down Arrows, Extra tube sets, Arrow heads, ect call 1-217-253-2959 and talk to the Chief


"ELITE" Whisker Biscuit rig for snap shooting, learning and practicing and all North American Big Game. In this action Video



9/26/15 Chief AJ is now offering the  The New ELITE Whisker Biscuit Rig   Shoots Veins on Carbon arrows real well, also will shoot feathers. GOOD FOR ALL NORTH AMERICAN BIG GAME & small game:

  Now Elite Deluxe "SNAP SHOOTER"


Elite sling bow 40#, FOLDING Wrist Brace, Whisker Biscuit installed, Arrow only shooting rig, Stabilizer installed =  The New "ELITE" SNAP SHOOTER Whisker Biscuit Rig $172.50 Order here:

For custom poundage of draw, ect call 217 253 2959


The "CHIEF AJ Championship Way!" NEW Chief AJ e-mail:  , Landline (217) 253-2959 cell 907 903 7966  Snail Mail: Chief AJ, POB 131, Tuscola, IL 61953-0131 For Spanish Caza y Pesca catapult

 9/27/15 NEW "ELITE" FOLDING GRAB & GO KIT    or                            PEPPERS PACK


     "ELITE" 40# Big Game Belt sling bow, FOLDING wrist brace not bolt on but internal part of "Elite", Take Down 3 piece 28" hunting arrow (for shooting big game) with filed point and Muzzy Super Sharp Big Game Point, Balls of Death for small game, (arrow rest spring loaded to stay up for arrow shooting and down for ball shooting, arrow rest stays on "Elite") Quick Fire shooting release for D loop on pouch for pin point shooting, All in ONE - GRAB & GO KIT - 13" long, 7", Fanny Pack with adjustable attached belt, only 1.5 pounds the whole GRAB & GO KIT yet good to harvest all North American Big Game. Preppers & Survival  Dream  meat getting kit. $144.00 Order here:


A Moose has been harvested by a Chief AJ sling bow and that is MEAT for all winter!

For custom GRAB & GO KIT call the Chief 1-217-253-2959


"Elite" & HFX sling bow shoots full length hunting arrows. Not only shoots but has brought down, Moose, Black Bear, Grizzly Bear and over 30 deer to date. Best shot with Archers' release. Order one just like AJ uses order here: $44.95

 FOLDING HFX 3.0 Stainless Steel Shooting Forks

Same Powerful 40# Draw Stainless Steel Frame HFX with Folding Wrist Brace. Really super strong folder.  Comes with super pouch to shoot arrows, balls, rocks with D loop for Archer's release. Folds down to 8"X 4"X 3" unfolds to a bow that will harvest all North American Big Game. $110.00.

New Whisker Biscuit HFX


HFX MODLES: click here to order HFX sling bows:  HFX MODELS


Changing HFX arrow rest from RH to LH

Changing tubes: BIG GAME SLINGBOWS



HFX Slingshot Deer Hunting Videos click here: DEER HUNTING VIDEOS

HFX Slingshot FISHING Videos and HFX fishing gear: HFX FISHING

How to change tubes click here: BIG GAME SLINGBOWS



 Turn the Red Ryder BB gun from a TOY to a Adult shooting Joy! CLICK HERE:   RED RYDER bb gun to INSTINCT TRAINER




CLICK HERE;  Magnetic Power


For Tube & Pouch sets, Ball & Arrow, Arrow only and Archer's trigger release click here: Pouch & Tube Sets

How to take off and put on tubes click here:  BIG GAME SLINGBOWS


 NOT MAYBE OR MIGHT that the HFX Sling Bow (slingshot) can harvest Big Game. Here's actual 30 yard field penetration on Deer that resulted in Venison sandwiches.



For about 50 more Chief AJ Videos click here: & 

Here's how Chief AJ has made it into His late 70's still hunting and fishing. May 3, 2015 New Message:

Oh, Christen here's your "EXCEPTION CARD" from diseases.

JESUS has reconciled us with His Father. We are right with God because of what JESUS has done for us. When you are right with God no diseases can come upon you. That is a promise of scripture Ex 15:26.

Did your Priest, Preacher or Sunday School teacher ever explain that to you? The Chief will!!!



What does the Native American Christian Church teach around the World? Here's one of the writings of Bishop John: (Former US Marine writes in Bullet Points)

What is yours as a Christian
What follows is pure Christianity:
Bishop John of the Native American Christian Church wrote this for your edification.
1. You Christian are in a high place of empowerment with Christ Jesus!
2. Long before the Universe was made by our Father, He had you in mind and did way back then focus His love on you!
3. You have been made whole and holy before the foundation of the earth.
4. Through Jesus you have been adopted into the Family of our Heavenly Father, Father took pleasure in do this for you!
5. We are in a state of the celebration of our Fathersí lavish gift-giving to us Christians by the hand of His beloved Son, Jesus.
6. Jesusí work on the cross has made up free of all penalties and punishment, and not just barely free, but ABUNDANTLY free.
7. Our Father is daily letting us in on His plans.
8. Jesus has brought us home signed, sealed and delivered by the Holy Spirit, to be enjoyed here and now!
9. Our Father has planned for us a praising and glorious life.
10.  Father is helping you, Christian, to grasp the immensity of this glorious way of life He has for you!
11. Everyday Christians can become more intelligent and discerning in knowing our Father personally.
12. There is for those who trust Jesus endless energy and strength!
Bishop John (Chief AJ) wants these 12 bullet points to help pump you up and show you what being a Christian is all about.
Contact:  web site: 
World Record True Story

National slingshot Assocation


HUNTERSí HEART (How to tell) by Chief AJ

Ever since I can remember I knew that I have a Huntersí Heart. I had to know what was around the next bend in the river. Had to know what was over the next hill. I had to get a look at all the big game in North American.

Do there same things burn inside you? You just haft to hunt the field, hunt the woods or wade the river. You want to see if you can make the shot when the Trophy shows up. When you must got to work you day dream about hunting. That is right you have a Huntersí Heart.

L: 6/27/13 Alaska   R: 11/17/2014 Illinois

11/17/2014 Behind the HFX GRIZZLY HUNT there lies a lot of "Indian Mystic Hunting covering over 2,100 years"

Chief AJ wrote up the HFX Grizzly Hunt, He wrote from one Hunters' Heart to another: click here this story is 4 U:  INDIAN MYSTIC GRIZZLY HUNT

11/29/14 Chief AJ was asked to put back up: WHO IS CHIEF AJ   

e set up many ways. Like with the Magnetic D loop pouch that will hold and shoot steel balls, most accurate to shoot balls with super power. This set up comes with Magnetic arrow nocks. Take out the regular forked nock from carbon arrow and insert the Magnetic nock and the Magnetic Pouch holds the arrow to be shot with archer's release. Shooting a magnetic arrow is very quite and accurate. Call the Chief for a custom "Elite" set up 1-217-253-2959 or e-mail

"ELITE" SLING BOW DEER HUNTING SEASON IN CALIFORNIA NOW OPEN! Chief AJ was personally notified by California Dept. of Fish & Gane that His "ELITE" sling bow can be use during the California General Deer hunting season. Click here for details:  CDNR


Proven effective on Big Game by Wall Street Journal Reporter on a real hunt. Front Page WSJ, June 8, 2015       

Chief AJ is looking for a Bib Overall manufacture to do a large custom order like this:

Contact Chief AJ, Land Line 1-217-253-2959 cell and text 907 903 7966  E-mail:


Right after Chief AJ shot His way onto the Front Cover of "GUNS" Magazine Sept '87 , Chuck Buck made 100 "Chief AJ Commemorate Buck Knives" to honor Chief AJ's shooting record. Back then in 1987 Chief AJ had His wife take a photo of all 100 Buck Knives. 20 years later in Champaign, IL Chuck Buck signed the 1987 Poster: Now Chuck Buck has gone to His reward.

Chuck Buck was a Great One. A Chief AJ BUCK knife is now valued at $450.00