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HUNTERS’ HEART (How to tell) by Chief AJ

Ever since I can remember I knew that I have a Hunters’ Heart. I had to know what was around the next bend in the river. Had to know what was over the next hill. I had to get a look at all the big game in North American.

Do there same things burn inside you? You just haft to hunt the field, hunt the woods or wade the river. You want to see if you can make the shot when the Trophy shows up. When you must got to work you day dream about hunting. That is right you have a Hunters’ Heart.

L: 6/27/13 Alaska   R: 11/17/2014 Illinois

11/17/2014 Behind the HFX GRIZZLY HUNT there lies a lot of "Indian Mystic Hunting covering over 2,100 years"

Chief AJ wrote up the HFX Grizzly Hunt, He wrote from one Hunters' Heart to another: click here this story is 4 U:  INDIAN MYSTIC GRIZZLY HUNT

11/21/14, 41 Days left in the $1,000 HFX video event. Last year Chief AJ paid $500.00 for winning Video of a HFX sling shot Deer Harvest. Now 2014 $1,000. Entries due Jan 31, 2015. click here: $1,000 video event details Here's last years winning Video from Tony Reaves: Here's your chance to get  known and get a GRAND IN YOUR HAND! $1,000 video event details If not on camera it never happen!



For HFX SHOOTERS yet to do: Bull and Cow Elk, Bull Moose, Sheep and Goats, Cow and Bull Buffalo, Buck and doe Antelope, Muskox, Brown Bear, Bull and Cow Caribou, Wolverine, become a HFX shooter and get the job done!




11/18/14 Chief AJ is now offering the  The New HFX Whisker Biscuit Rig   Shoots Veins on Carbon arrows real well, also will shoot feathers. GOOD FOR ALL NORTH AMERICAN BIG GAME & small game:



Stainless Steel HFX 3.0 40#, Wrist Brace, Whisker Biscuit installed (Spring loaded arrow rest inbox), Arrow only shooting rig, Stabilizer installed =  The New HFX Whisker Biscuit Rig $172.50 Order here:

For custom poundage of draw, ect call 217 253 2959


HFX Whisker Biscuit rig for snap shooting, learning and practicing, In this action Video





The "CHIEF AJ Championship Way!" NEW Chief AJ e-mail:  , Landline (217) 253-2959 cell 907 903 7966  Snail Mail: Chief AJ, POB 131, Tuscola, IL 61953-0131 For Spanish Caza y Pesca catapult

Chief AJ has proven the Power of the Sling Bow to Humanely Harvest Big Game  for Federal Court Case 14-2117 and published the results here: Yes, IDNR click here!  SLING BOW POWER

HFX sling bow, $84.95. Here's the Bear Kill'en - Deer Slaying - Fish Stick'en Sling bow that has taken all North American Big Game now: The HFX shoots hunting arrows 27"-33"

9/15/14 Big Game Seasons are now open for the HFX Sling Bow in AK, SC, FL, UT, WY, MT, ID and many other states!!!!!!!!! You can order the HFX 3.0 right here right now, Boxed set, wrist brace, 40# pull super pouch to shoot balls, rocks and arrows, 12 min How To DVD : Box Set HFX $84.95


   CHRISTMAS SPECIAL, yes ever year Chief AJ does up a Christmas Special, just because on Christmas day He will be 77.  2014 GRAB & GO KIT  - all U need in one tough nylon belted fanny pack. Bring down Big Game or small game. All in one fanny pack with belt. Unwrap on Christmas and start shooting balls and arrows.


                    Stainless Steel HFX 40# Big Game draw sling bow, wrist brace, Take Down 3 piece 28" hunting arrow with filed point and Muzzy Super Sharp Big Game Point, Balls of Death for small game, (arrow rest spring loaded to stay up for arrow shooting and down for ball shooting, arrow rest stays on HFX) Quick Fire shooting release for D loop on pouch for pin point shooting, wrench for e-z wrist brace attachment, All in ONE - GRAB & GO KIT - 13" long, 7", only 2 pounds the whole GRAB & GO KIT yet good to harvest all North American Big Game. Preppers & Survival  Dream  meat getting kit. $136.45 order here:



For custom GRAB & GO KIT call the Chief 1-217-253-2959


HFX sling bow (Qucik Bow) shoots full length hunting arrows. Not only shoots but has brought down, Moose, Black Bear, Grizzly Bear and over 30 deer to date. Best shot with Archers' release. Order one just like AJ uses order here: $44.95

 FOLDING HFX 3.0 Stainless Steel

Same Powerful 40# Draw Stainless Steel Frame HFX with Folding Wrist Brace. Really super strong folder.  Comes with super pouch to shoot arrows, balls, rocks with D loop for Archer's release. Folds down to 8"X 4"X 3" unfolds to a bow that will harvest all North American Big Game. $110.00 with 12min How To DVD. Order here:

New Whisker Biscuit HFX


HFX MODLES: click here to order HFX sling bows:  HFX MODELS




HFX Slingshot Deer Hunting Videos click here: DEER HUNTING VIDEOS

HFX Slingshot FISHING Videos and HFX fishing gear: HFX FISHING

 Turn the Red Ryder BB gun from a TOY to a Adult shooting Joy! CLICK HERE:   RED RYDER bb gun to INSTINCT TRAINER


CLICK HERE;  Magnetic Power


For Tube & Pouch sets, Ball & Arrow, Arrow only and Archer's trigger release click here: Pouch & Tube Sets


 NOT MAYBE OR MIGHT that the HFX Sling Bow (slingshot) can harvest Big Game. Here's actual 30 yard field penetration on Deer that resulted in Venison sandwiches.



For about 50 more Chief AJ Videos click here: & 

Here's how Chief AJ has made it into His late 70's still hunting and fishing.


World Record True Story

National slingshot Assocation


Hey Chief AJ we all know you take Big Game with your HFX slingshot, how about small game?

11/3/14 AJ just made the Best Shot of His life on Small Game on Camera!!!

  Small game is just too much fun, Small game is a Hoot!!!


Q: In Illinois now it is cold, the river is frozen over so Chief AJ what are U shooting!

A: I cleaned out the basement and will be shooting more now all winter, this spring the fish will get stuck quick.

Hanging Kevlar curtain in back ground stops balls after going through bullseye. 3D Pig, block and kick target for arrows out of the HFX.